Swiss quality and service in abdominal and digestive surgery
in the heart of Geneva

Exclusive service that provides direct access to leading team of Swiss board certifed specialist including surgeons and medical doctors. The Executive service of Clinic La Colline could organise all aspects of your care including accommodation, and associated logistics.

What do we offer?

Around the clock contact to ensure that you can be in touch directly with the executive service of Clinic La Colline within 24 hours. Or directly with us through e-mail.

How to contact us?

International and executive patients seeking a direct and personal contact with our team, Executive service of Clinic La Colline.

This service collabores with Swiss board certified specialists including surgeons, gastroenterologist, internist and associated specialists. So you do not have to worry about any of the details, our executive VIP service will take care of all aspects of your care under the strictest confidentiality.


All procedures are performed in Swiss Certified Geneva Private Clinic (Clinic La Colline, Hirslanden). This clinics guarantee state-of-the-art innovative technologies, as well as premium care, service and quality.


Executive patients may need assistance in planning their care and request the best. Swiss quality service and certifed doctors may offer it, more over when collaborating through one of the largest Swiss Medical Group...


International service