Pascal Bucher MD

Pascal Bucher MD

Swiss Board Certified in Surgery (FMH), General and Digestive Surgery

Director and Surgeon in Chief of Scarless Surgery Center

Chairman of the Medical Board at the Clinique La Colline

Professionnal address:

Clinics and Hospitals

Pascal Bucher MD regularly practice in the following clinics and hospitals: La Colline (Geneva), Générale Beaulieu (Geneva), Hôpital La Tour (Meyrin, Geneva), Genolier (Genolier, Vaud, Switzerland), des Grangettes (Geneva) and the University Hospital Geneva.

Specific Interests

Single Access Endoscopic Surgery (Pionnier in Single Port Access Surgery)

Minimally invasive surgery (laparoscopy)

Robotic surgery

Oncologic surgery

Natural orifice surgery (NOTES)

Development of surgical instrumentation for single access surgery (SAES)


Swiss Federal Medical Diploma obtained in 1997

Doctor in Medical Science, Geneva Medical Faculty, University of Geneva, obtained in 1998

Swiss board certified in Surgery in 2005


Born in Geneva (Switzerland), Scolarity and Federal Maturity in Geneva in 1991.

Medical studies in Geneva Medical Faculty, Medical Diploma obtained in 1997.

Fellowship in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine at Fribourg Hospital (1 year).

Fellowship in General and Trauma Surgery at Barragwanath Hospital, Johannesburg (south Africa) (1year).

Fellowship in General surgery and traumatology at Geneva University Hospital (4 years).

Senior researcher in Cell transplantaion and transplant immunology at Geneva Faculty of Medicine (2years).

Senior Registrar (Chef de Clinique) in Digestive Surgery at Geneva University Hospital (2005-2011).

Scientific and teaching activities

Authors of numerous medical articles in peer-review medical journals.

Official teacher at Geneva Medical Faculty (University of Geneva).

Expert and «trainer» for Single Access Endoscopic Surgery for various surgical societies.

Consultant (volonter) for surgical instrumentation for LESS Surgery (SAES).

Expert in single access surgery (SAES) for international Reduced Port Surgery Group.

Prix et reconnaissances (Prizes)

British Journal of Surgery prize for best publication in 2012 for «Randomized trial of laparoendoscopic single-site (LESS) versus conventional laparoscopic cholecystectomy» P Bucher, F Pugin, NC Buchs, S Ostermann, P Morel.

Felix-Lagardèr Prize, Société Suisse de Chirurgie Viscérale in 2011 for «Randomized trial of laparoendoscopic single-site (LESS) versus conventional laparoscopic cholecystectomy» P Bucher, F Pugin, NC Buchs, S Ostermann, P Morel.

Best video work, Société Suisse de Chirurgie in 2010 for «Mixed reality for laparoscopic distal pancreatic résection» F Volonté, P Bucher, F Pugin, A Carecchio, M Sugimoto, O Ratib, P Morel.

Best poster, Société Suisse de Chirurgie in 2010 for «Natural orifice sigmoidectomy is feasible on human cadavers» F Pugin, P Bucher, ME Hagen, NC Buchs, P Swain, P Morel.

Best scientific work,Société Romande de Chirurgie Coelioscopique in 2009 for «From single port access (SPA) to laparoendoscopic single-site (LESS) cholecystectomy» P Bucher, F Pugin, S Ostermann, NC Buchs, F Bernardi, P Morel.

Best poster, Société Suisse de Chirurgie in 2005 for «Early versus delayed cholecystectomy for acute cholecystitis» F Ris, P Bucher, W Oulhaci, P Morel.

Second best scientific work, International Association of Surgeons and Gastroenterologists in 2004 for «Results of primary surgical treatment of gastrointestinal stromal tumors» P. Bucher et al.

Prize for excellence of scientific works, UEGW in 2004.

Best oral presentation, Société Suisse de Chirurgie in 2003 for «Mechanical Bowel Preparation vs no preparation in patient undergoing elective left-sided colorectal surgery: - A randomized trial» P. Bucher et al.

Fonctions scientifiques (Scientific activities)

Associate Editor-in-Chief: World Journal of Gastroenterology.

Guest Editor in Chief: Journal of Minimally invasive surgery.

Editorial board member: World Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery, IRSN Surgery, Journal of Medical Case reports.

Reviewer for the Journals: Lancet, Annals of Surgery, Surgical Endoscopy, Surgical Laparoscopy Endoscopy and Percutaneous Techniques, British Journal of Surgery, European Journal of Cancer, European Journal of Surgical Oncology, Transplantation, Transplant International, The World Journal of Surgical Oncology, Pancreas, JSLS, Medical Science Monitor Journal.

Reviewer and expert consultant for protocols approval at Cochrane Library.

Scientific expert at the European Science Foundation.

Scarless Surgery Center

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1205 Geneva


Phone: +41 22 346 34 34

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